Geeking Data Tech for Call Center Operations

December 05, 2016

Data Management Meditation Our development team is on fire building a next-generation platform for customer support and billing management. Before now, our support teams work by opening several browser tabs for our cloud applications. This isn’t ideal because each application requires a separate workflow and so the logistics of getting at information ultimately detracts from […]

Why the Virtual Assistant Business Sucks (but we do it anyway)

November 17, 2016

Virtual Assistants – The Best Bad Idea The movie Argo is a fictionalized account of a CIA exfiltrator’s rescue of marooned embassy workers during the Iranian Revolution. The plan posed them as a film production team scouting Tehran for a low budget science fiction movie called Argo. The CIA director interrogates the equally audacious and […]

Overview of Atelier Lumikha

Lumikha Overview

August 28, 2016

Video Overview of Atelier Lumikha This week, we’ve been bouncing around the Visayas. Cebu to recruit outbound centers, Bohol to attend Geeks on a Beach (and do a bit of diving at Balicasag Island). Since we’re meeting new people, we figured it’s time to refresh our company presentation and post it on YouTube for folks […]

Atelier Lumikha Project - Map Pop - Local Search Solution

In-house Product Design and Campaign Management

August 05, 2016

About Map Pop Map Pop is a service directed at U.S. small businesses to support local online marketing with a simple website optimized for mobile devices. We also create business social sites, check for name/address/phone (NAP) match, and optimize online map listings to ensure prospective customers can locate our clients on popular search engines. The […]

Student Loan Product Development

Product Design and Multi-center Campaign Management

August 05, 2016

About Student Loan Clinic Student Loan Clinic (SLC) is a service that helps people work through their options for federal student loan repayment. SLC is purpose-built for telemarketing using offshore call centers and back-office operations. A group of offshore BPO vendors handles these activities. The Challenge The brainchild of a highly experienced telemarketing entrepreneur, he […]

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