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We offer a holistic approach to your launch, beginning with designing your brand identity and applying it to your social presence and web or blog site.
Brand planning for a launch that commands attention.
Brand planning for a launch that commands attention.
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Where Vision Meets Mastery

We offer a holistic approach to your launch, beginning with designing your brand identity and applying it to your social presence and web or blog site.

Our web development services go beyond the look and feel to breathe life into your vision, a digital personality that's not just seen but felt and remembered.

Check out the Brand Launch Stack, our package of curated brand identity services that will launch your brand into the stratosphere.

Brand Identity

Your brand isn't just a logo; it's your story waiting to be told. We narrate this story in a visually compelling way so your brand leaves a lasting legacy.

  • Brand mark: This symbol represents your brand at a glance. Think of it as visual shorthand for everything your brand stands for. We design brand marks that encapsulate your brand's essence in a single image.
  • Logotype: Unlike the brand mark, a logotype is your brand's name in a distinctive, designed form. We select a font and style that reflects your brand's personality, ensuring that your name itself becomes a recognizable part of your brand identity.
  • Look & feel: This covers the overall aesthetic impression your brand communicates. From the layout of your marketing materials to the design of your products, your look and feel conveys the tone and values of your brand, influencing how your audience perceives it.
  • Color scheme: Colors evoke emotions, communicate messages, and distinguish your brand from competitors. We assemble a color scheme that aligns with your brand's personality and goals, using color psychology to influence perception and behavior.
  • Type selection: The choice of typography in your brand's communications is crucial in readability and character. We carefully choose fonts that complement your brand's tone for consistency across all your materials.
  • Messaging framework: Beyond visuals, your brand's legacy is also shaped by your words. Our messaging framework establishes a consistent voice and set of messages that articulate your brand's story, values, and propositions clearly and compellingly.
  • Hosted style guide: To ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, we create a comprehensive style guide. This hosted guide provides guidelines on using your brand elements, from logos and colors to typography and messaging, ensuring anyone working on your brand maintains alignment with its identity.

Website Services

Our website services are designed to make your online presence not just fast, reliable, and visible but unforgettable.

  • Ghost CMS: We use Ghost CMS to power your website, offering a sleek, user-friendly content management system that makes it easy to publish content. Ghost CMS is simple and fast, so your site's backend is as efficient and fully search-optimized.
  • Landing pages: Welcome visitors and guide them towards a specific action, like purchasing or signing up for more information. Our landing pages are crafted to capture attention and direct it where you want it most.
  • Blogs: A blog is a powerful tool for sharing your brand's voice, stories, and expertise. We help set up and integrate blogs that engage your audience, keep them coming back, and improve your site’s SEO through fresh, relevant content.
  • Marketing site: With everything from your product listings to company information and contact details, our marketing sites inform and convert visitors into customers by highlighting your brand's strengths and offerings.
  • Fast, responsive design: In a mobile-first world, having a website that looks great and works smoothly on any device is crucial. We focus on creating fast, responsive designs that offer a seamless experience whether your audience is on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Built for SEO: Every element of your website, from the structure to the content, is optimized for search engines. This means your site is more likely to rank higher in search results, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Social Media

Forge your community in the digital landscape. We lay the foundations and strategies for your brand to flourish on key social media platforms:

  • Profile setup: The initial creation of your brand's profiles on major social media platforms, essentially opening your digital storefront to the world.
  • Company summary: A brief, engaging summary that introduces your brand, outlining what you do and what you stand for. It serves as a quick introduction to visitors.
  • Company detail: Your brand's background information, such as your history, offerings, and contact information, ensures visitors have all the necessary details.
  • Service listing: The services your brand offers in a clear and accessible manner, making it easy for potential customers to see what you can do for them.
  • Social avatar: A visual representation of your brand across social platforms, like an image or logo, that acts as the face of your brand online.
  • Profile banner: A visually appealing banner for your profile that complements your brand's theme and message, essentially acting as your brand's billboard on social media.
  • Posting strategy development: The types of content you'll post, the frequency of posts, and how to engage with your audience, planning how to communicate and keep your audience interested and engaged.

FAQ: Launch Your Brand with Lumikha

What is the primary focus of Lumikha's launch services?

Lumikha specializes in preparing new brands for market entry, creating strong brand identities, developing effective digital marketing strategies, and ensuring a solid online presence.

How does your branding service enhance a new brand's market entry?

We build unique, captivating brand identities to ensure your brand stands out, communicates its values effectively, and resonates with its target audience.

How do you price brand launch services for identity design, social set-up, and web development?

We price our launch engagement services with a single rate for brand design and social set-up. Since we're offshore, our rates are competitive, which means we can devote attention and focus to each project for the utmost quality.

What advantages do Lumikha's web presence services offer?

Lumikha-built landing pages and website fit into your overall identity, so you project your message in a focused way. We integrate the sites we create into your online framework — website, social profiles, media posts, and email outreach.

How does Lumikha's outreach strategy benefit a launching brand?

With targeted outreach, Lumikha connects brands with their ideal customers and key influencers, increasing visibility, credibility, and customer base growth.

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