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Launching a Next-Generation eLearning Agency

Knowedia, is an eLearning agency that offers businesses of all sizes complete with project teams, retained learning support, and a flexible learning management system (LMS).
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Branding Knowedia, a next-generation eLearning agency.
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Knowedia needed branding, web design, and print collateral to establish its identity as an innovator in the corporate learning space.

The Client

Knowedia is a next-generation eLearning agency located near Austin, Texas. It offers businesses of all sizes complete project teams, retained learning support, and a flexible learning management system (LMS).

Built on a cooperative model, Knowedia delivers rock-solid learning experiences by combining top talent, mature processes, and seamless operations.

The Challenge

As a new entrant in the competitive eLearning market, Knowedia required a compelling brand identity, a modern website, and polished print materials to convey its unique value proposition and stand out from traditional training providers.

The branding needed to position Knowedia as an innovative partner that could reliably meet organizations' evolving learning needs.

The Program Approach

Establishing an Innovative Brand Identity

Lumikha crafted a distinctive brand identity for Knowedia that captured its forward-thinking approach and commitment to delivering results. The refreshed logo and color palette communicated professionalism and creativity, setting Knowedia apart as a leader in the industry.

Designing an Engaging, Informative Website

To showcase Knowedia's service offerings and cooperative model, Lumikha designed and developed a clean, intuitive website. Infused with the new branding, the site educates visitors about Knowedia's project teams, retained support, and flexible LMS through engaging copy and visuals.

Creating Polished Print Collateral

Lumikha produced print materials to support Knowedia's launch at local meet-ups like the Small Business Expo, F.I.E.S.T.A. Monthly Meetups, and the Austin Tech CollectiveSmall Business Expo, F.I.E.S.T.A. Monthly Meetups, the Austin Tech Collective. Consistent with the digital presence, these assets provided a tactile expression of the Knowedia brand for in-person interactions and events.

The Work

Brand Identity Refresh
Logo & Color Palette Update
Website Design & Development
Print Collateral Design

Creating Durable Value

Lumikha's branding and design expertise enabled Knowedia to enter the market with a strong, cohesive identity across digital and print touchpoints.

The self-consciously retro look and feel positions Knowedia as an innovator immediately, while the clear communication of its value proposition and services invites organizations to explore a partnership.

With a solid brand foundation, Knowedia is well-equipped to build awareness, earn trust, and forge lasting client relationships as it ushers in a new era of eLearning.

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