Go Big. Go Offshore. Go Lumikha.

Scaling challenges businesses with distraction, attrition, regulation, and unchecked expenses.
Lumikha is your goto for smart, scalable business services — we’ve been delivering projects from the Philippines for over a decade. Tenured, capable, dedicated teams smoothly scale your back-office for less.

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Effective planning with script development and A/B testing, training design and development, key performance indicators, and compensation schedules — all consolidated into a comprehensive deployment document.

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Lumikha locates and vets centers, screens and trains agents, and oversees the critical first weeks of campaign launches to manage through the inevitable challenges of deployment and maximize program value.

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Data management with intrashift scrutiny and downstream conversion performance is fed into a global dashboard that makes agent, team and center performance objective and outcome driven.

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We build client programs upon forward-thinking, effective strategic planning. Aromatic, fresh, tasty: we meet your goals on time, on budget.

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End-to-end program and campaign management is our forte: customer acquisition, onboarding, provisioning, customer service and billing.

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Consistently applied and intelligently designed, Atelier Lumikha’s eLearning solution eliminates poorly conceived, inconsistently applied training.

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Scraping, mining, or consolidating data can distract your team from higher value work. We collect and package your data into a tidy, normalized database.

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Do you use monthly recurring billing? We can help from deployment to operations. If you are launching or expanding a subscription service, call us.

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Happy customers are the best thing ever - happy, paying customers. Lumikha is your ticket to c-sat nirvana. Support your way: SMS, phone, chat, social, or email.

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It’s All About You

Caffeinate your back-office with Atelier Lumikha. Innovative program management for complex processes (knowledge process outsourcing), data management, performance optimization, campaign launch.

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Dumaguete DNA

We’re rooted in Negros Oriental on North Rizal Boulevard and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Swashbuckling Culture

At Lumikha we’ve got the swagger of working hard to make great stuff: delightful customer experience, cool web sites, super tasty BBQ.

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Time to Chill

We focus on getting things done during a 32 hour week. Every month deposits 2 days vacation in your account. That’s time for you.

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