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About Lumikha Teams

We're more than an offshore marketing agency; we're a team of innovators, craftsmen, and solution-finders who are redefining what it means to deliver quality in the digital age.
About Lumikha Teams
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Excellence is Our Way of Life

In a world where average is often good enough, Lumikha Teams strives to be extraordinary. We're more than just another offshore marketing agency; we're a team of innovators, craftsmen, and solution-finders who are redefining what it means to deliver quality in the digital age.

As an extension of our clients' brands, we forge strong relationships built on trust and open communication, working tirelessly to exceed expectations and drive sustainable growth.

We use best-of-breed tools with the finesse of artisans, integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and LLMs to create marketing solutions that are as efficient as they are effective. Our winning formula? A blend of care, skill, and an unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope.

Our Vision

We're on a mission to transform the lives of our team, our community, and our clients by pushing the boundaries of our knowledge, work flows, and creativity to deliver purpose-driven, deeply engaging work.

The Journey So far

Emerging during the height of the Philippines' outsourcing boom in 2006, Lumikha began by offering consulting services across various industries.As demand surged, we stepped up to the plate, taking the lead on projects and steering them to success.

In 2012, we made a bold move, trading the bustling streets of Manila for the vibrant charm of Dumaguete. It was here, in this university city, that we truly found our stride.

Recognizing the shift towards automation in the outsourcing landscape, we adapted our focus to deliver high-quality, specialized services to organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Small Business = Big Impact

Dear entrepreneurs and small businesses: we see you, and we're here to help you thrive. We know you're facing challenges that would make even the most seasoned CEO break a sweat. That's why we've crafted marketing solutions that are as affordable as they are impactful.

Our team of skilled professionals wields cutting-edge technology and industry best practices like a lightsaber, delivering marketing campaigns that don't just drive growth and engagement; they obliterate the competition.

From social media management and content creation to email marketing to search optimization to dedicated teams, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that'll make your business feel like it's got a marketing department that rivals the big boys.

Lumikhan Values

Curious: We're the kids who never stopped asking "why?" Our insatiable curiosity propels us to explore uncharted territories, uncover hidden opportunities, and challenge the status quo. In a world where complacency is the enemy, curiosity is our superpower.

Resourceful: Obstacles? More like opportunities in disguise. We're the MacGyvers of the business world, armed with a Swiss Army knife of skills and a knack for finding creative solutions to even the most daunting challenges. When others see roadblocks, we see possibilities.

Empathic: In a world where algorithms and automation reign supreme, we never forget the human touch. We don't just listen to our clients and colleagues; we step into their shoes, feel their pain points, and celebrate their triumphs. Empathy isn't just a buzzword for us; it's the foundation of everything we do.

Adaptable: Change is the only constant, and we embrace it like an old friend. We're the chameleons of the industry, seamlessly adapting to new technologies, market shifts, and client needs. While others struggle to keep up, we're already three steps ahead, blazing trails and setting trends.

Tribal: Forget lone wolves and siloed departments. We're a tribe, a family, a well-oiled machine fueled by collaboration and camaraderie. We've got each other's backs, and together, we're unstoppable. Because when we win, we win together.

Innovative: We don't just think outside the box; we recycle it into something better. Innovation isn't a department or a job title; it's a mindset, a way of life. We're not afraid to take risks, fail fast, and learn from our mistakes. Because that's how breakthroughs happen.

Valuable: We don't just create products and services; we craft experiences that transform lives and businesses. We pour our hearts and souls into everything we do, because we know that our work has the power to make a real difference. When you partner with us, you're not just getting a vendor; you're getting a team of passionate, dedicated professionals who are invested in your success.

Excellent: Good enough? Not in our vocabulary. We don't settle for mediocrity; we strive for excellence in everything we do. From the smallest details to the biggest projects, we bring our A-game every single day. Because when you're in the business of changing lives, anything less than excellence is unacceptable.

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Lumikha Teams
We are a team of innovators and craftspeople of digital marketing. We help businesses with inexpensive high-quality services built on AI, design expertise and engaging content to deliver our work.
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