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Decommoditizing Intergenerational Wealth Consultancy

Westcott Dyson needed a digital agency to design its identity and tell its story, mindful of compliance requirements.
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Singapore, Westcott Dyson's headquarters
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Branding, Online Marketing, and Lead Generation Program Overview

When Westcott Dyson's founder established his intergenerational wealth advisory, he knew that Singapore would be a competitive market for financial advisory catering to the lucrative market of high-net-worth expatriates. To build his brand, he turned to Lumikha Teams for an identity that would make its mark in Singapore and beyond.

With an expansion branch in Hong Kong, Westcott Dyson broadened its reach to serve the global expatriate community, emphasizing expats from the United Kingdom located in Southeast Asia.

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Social media banner

The Client

Westcott Dyson is an intergenerational wealth planning consultancy for high-net-worth expatriates in Singapore & Southeast Asia. The firm also consults for independent financial advisors (IFAs) on tax and estate planning matters.

The advisory focuses on intergenerational wealth planning, an approach to wealth management and consulting that considers the financial spans of people's lives and develops strategies to reach their fiscal goals. The cycle begins when people accumulate and grow their portfolio, transitioning to retirement when they live off the proceeds of their life's work until their legacy is distributed to loved ones, trusts, or charities.

Logo design for brand identity assignment | Lumikha Digital Branding
Westcott Dyson Logo

The Challenge

Westcott Dyson needed a digital agency to design its identity and tell its story, mindful of the marketing compliance requirements for both Singapore and its expansion into Hong Kong.

The space is crowded with providers ranging from single proprietors to financial advisors to large multinational banks and brokerage houses boasting significant brand name recognition.

The Program Approach

Confronting Scepticism with Authenticity & Expertise

Broadly, the industry's large players enjoy a high degree of trust, while smaller entities must develop personal relationships that take time to nurture. Lumikha's branding and communication plans emphasized authenticity and personalization at scale to complement aggressive outreach across email, social networking, and outbound calling campaigns.

Relevant, Branded Content

Relevant content presented on social groups, Reddits, and paid advertising pulled qualified expats into Westcott's content orbit for qualification and sales.


Promotional Video

The Work

Because Westcott Dyson remains focused on the entire lifecycle for its clients, we needed to design a brand and communication strategy emphasizing the long-term relationship...

Creating Durable Value

Lumkha Teams' expertise in branding helped Westcott Dyson carve out a distinctive identity in a competitive market. By crafting a brand that exudes professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise, the firm establishes itself as a beacon of reliability amidst a sea of financial service providers.

In an industry where trust is paramount, Westcott Dyson's commitment to authenticity sets it apart. Lumikha's branding and communication plans emphasized the firm's genuine dedication to client success, fostering trust and credibility among both existing and potential clients.

Relevant and branded content served as a powerful tool for client acquisition. By sharing valuable insights, tips, and industry updates across various online platforms, Westcott Dyson attracted qualified leads and positioned itself as a thought leader in wealth planning and consulting.

To learn more about Westcott Dyson check out their site.

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