About Atelier Lumikha

Back-office 2.0 – Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Atelier Lumikha is a knowledge process outsourcer that develops processes, manages people, and deploys technology that helps businesses operate more economically and efficiently.

We combine traditional BPO process rigor with constant improvement approaches derived from Kaizen and Scrum frameworks for operational efficiency. Our back-office business services incorporate the right blend of creativity, process, technology, and vigor.

Atelier Lumikha offers well-planned, efficiently managed solutions smoothly executed. Our DNA embraces strands of many disciplines: call center operations, data management, online training, customer service, and application design and development.

Relentless Learners

Much of our delivery process and general modus operandi focuses on learning about our customers’ business and their customers’ expectations so that we can exceed them. We put in the work of extensive background research to learn about your business so we can produce quality planning and execution that reflects your business goals and objectives.

We Get It

We are inspired by innovation and strive to deliver unique and better approaches to the programs we undertake. We innovate through the application of Kaizen and Scrum to program process, operations management, interface design, and the pursuit of elegant systems in general.

People, Our Innovation Engine

Steve Jobs observed, “[Innovation isn’t] about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”

Innovation is a process that starts with people who embrace their work with energy and passion. People who, in short, have game. To attract, develop and retain the right talent, we maintain a different culture — we work 32-hours a week, commit to team development, and remain highly engaged with our community.

We hire well because we have a deep understanding of the local BPO landscape as well as management techniques specific to our locale. Our approach to staffing as a strategic activity means our people who get it.

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