Offshore Service Delivery Reimagined

BPO Services

Back Office for Small Business

Our service offering is defined by two underlying concepts: 1. We offer process solutions that solve business problems of cost and resources. We excel at launching processes that help you accomplish your goals. 2. We seek excellence in service delivery. Our approach to these ideas is to deploy carefully and achieve complete awareness of your process so we can deliver as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

At Atelier Lumikha we’re here to deliver the finest offshore outsourced business services to our customers. Our combination of Western management, marketing competencies, and effective communication give our clients the tools to effectively manage the businesses at a reasonable price.

Our services embrace Web 2.0 and cloud technology and the new reality of global capitalism, where mobile devices outnumber humans and people are more likely to execute a Google search than eat a Big Mac.

Chat & Email Support

Ever noticed that chat options for sites that entice you to chat with a live operator frequently aren’t manned? Make sure you have someone ready to take your order, answer a question, or just provide a ready reply. It’s a connected world and your business should be speaking its language — we provide 24×7 chat and email support at competitive rates.

Customer Acquisition

Find customers — outbound sales, lead generation, or appointment setting all foot our bill. We work deep dive engagements to help companies get customers. More than just calling people, we develop broad solutions that include social networking, landing pages, email notifications, mobile marketing, and more. When it comes to selling there definitely more than one way to get the job done.

Customer Service

Billing support, account information, or just someone to answer the phone. Treat your customers like kings and queens with attentive, knowledgeable representatives on the phone, manning your email or chat. Atelier Lumikha’s multi-channel contact services deliver with energy that creates brand delight and sticky customers.

Data Mining

What are you looking for? How do you want it? Scraping, mining, hunting around the web or stacks of legacy data can be time-consuming and distract your team for higher value work. We comb the web, poke around your legacy data, call around and ask questions. Then, we package it up in a tidy, normalized database.

Data Processing

All things data. Atelier Lumikha can help locate and consolidate fragmented data or transcribe from scanned files. Once digitized, we create searchable, tagged data to give you actionable information.

eCommerce Support

Retail web moves at, well, internet speed. We help companies keep inventory current; update blogs, images or content; and work to keep conversions up. Need catalog images re-sized and posted; product descriptions written; inventory information updated? We do it all day long so you can stay focused on the important stuff.

Operator Services

When you need someone to be your first impression, answer calls, keep messages flowing we have a stack of engaging agents that keep communications flowing the right way. We say “please” and “thank-you” and “sir” and “ma’am.” When you need a pleasant voice attached to a real human, Atelier Lumikha is here.

Quality Assurance

There’s no substitute for quality. Our service delivery is hand-crafted starting with quality where we invest heavily. Usually, we tip the scales at one quality analyst to seven agents and no more than one to ten (depending on program complexity). Lumikha also offers objective 3rd party quality monitoring and verification.

Social Monitoring

Social’s all the rage. Everyone has an opinion. Our opinion is this: you should control your messaging. Keeping an eye on your brand in the social sphere is as important as getting your name out there in the first place. Lumikha handles posting, friending, monitoring and we can even develop your social presence.

Technical Support & Helpdesk

Give your customers the help they need: 24×7. We assist with calls, chat, email as well as manage your ticketing system. Our team has deployed and supported proprietary and web-based help-desk tools. We have helped telecom, web apps and software customers. How may we help you?

Telephone Surveys & Televerification

Sometimes the best way to get information is call and ask. We perform data surveys to expand marketing lists, develop market intelligence, or even drive traffic to your trade show. If you need some data scraped, collected, collated, exported, uploaded, validated, normalized, or generally cleaned and pressed: we’re your guys.

Web Maintenance

How fresh do you want to be? Content is king and fresh content is the cat’s meow. We upload original or referenced content, edit and monitor blogs, post new press info and update catalog listings.

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