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The Tiny Teams Manifesto

Small teams powered by AI and automation are not just matching but, in many cases, exceeding the outputs of their larger counterparts.
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The Original Tiny Team, David (future King), Defeats Goliath
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Delivering Outsize Results with a Lean Mindset, Managed AI and Automation

The narrative that size equates to power is being rewritten.

Small teams powered by AI and automation are not just matching but, in many cases, exceeding the outputs of their larger counterparts. It’s an era when, armed with the right tools and mindset, David challenges Goliath.

Big Little Books

My grandparents had a weekend cabin, which contained all kinds of intrigue for a small child: fishing gear, WWI relics from a Boy Scout Tour of the French Battlefields, and (my favorite) Big Little Books.

Sold in the 1930s and 40s, Big Little Books were 2-inch thick books, 3.5 by 4.5 inches, really graphic novels that contained adventure stories of one stripe or another and cost 10¢ when they were first released.

Of Children's Books and Offshore Marketing Teams

Their compact, "short and fat" design and, indeed, the category name convey that size does not dictate impact. Like these books, small teams can deliver robust and impactful solutions, compressing outsize value into a smaller package.

The outsourcing industry is a sprawling affair and means many things. The term "outsourcing" is akin to "manufacturing" or "agriculture": it refers to a set of common techniques for service delivery that transcends scale.

These techniques include human resources management at scale, real estate selection and management, effective process operations and regulatory and quality control, and information technology and cyber security management.

Yet the outsourcing business model is shifting as large language models improve at breathtaking speed and automation reduces headcounts. It's no accident that the things that outsource well at scale are low-hanging fruit for automation.

A Select History of Tiny Teams

Since Thermopylae, military organizations have known that well-trained teams could accomplish certain missions more effectively than larger forces to achieve significant strategic gains.

Developed by a team of under 20 people, Basecamp, famously led by Jason Fired, revolutionized project management. Instead of swelling their ranks, they focused on smart, lean strategies and user-centric development. Their success story showcases that with clarity, focus, and the right tools, a large team is not necessary to make a global impact.

In 1984, Steve Jobs released the Macintosh, revolutionizing personal computing. After he was kicked off the Lisa Computer team, he worked with a small skunkworks team within Apple to produce the first Macintosh. That team codified much of what made Apple so exciting.

The Power of Small Teams

Small teams are nimble, have fewer communication barriers, and can pivot quickly in response to challenges.

Each member often wears multiple hats, creating a team of all-rounders who can understand and contribute to various aspects of a project. This versatility, combined with the right tools, can lead to outstanding results.

Core Principles of Tiny Teams

We believe that outsourcing work to small, highly process-driven teams can yield significant benefits for businesses seeking to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Embrace Tiny Teams

Small, agile teams are often better equipped to tackle complex projects and adapt to changing circumstances. These teams can operate with greater autonomy, communicate more effectively, and move quickly to implement process improvements.

Effective Communication

With fewer layers of hierarchy, communication within small teams is often more straightforward and transparent, enabling quicker decision-making and more cohesive teamwork.

Use tools and practices that enhance clarity, such as regular stand-ups, shared digital workspaces, and open feedback channels. This keeps everyone aligned and informed, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

Continuous Learning

In a rapidly evolving market, continuous learning is not just beneficial; it's necessary.

Tiny teams keep their edge with committed learning—whether that's keeping up with the latest industry trends, mastering new technologies, or developing new skills.


Process-driven teams are critical to reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and ensuring high-quality output. Clear workflows and processes create smooth execution, reduce costly rework, improve quality, and facilitate hand-offs.

Lateral Thinking

Creativity and innovation are essential to solving complex problems and achieving exceptional results.

Encourage lateral thinking and experimenting with new approaches to identify opportunities for improvement that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Automating repetitive marketing tasks and using technology to augment human decision-making can enable teams to work faster and more accurately.Leveraging new technologies for automation to reduce manual effort, accelerate the workflow, and enable teams to focus on higher-level tasks.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing improvement is key to achieving and maintaining success.Regularly review and refine processes to find new opportunities for automation, foster a culture of innovation, and continually improve performance to deliver better client outcomes.

The Story of Asymmetry

The legacy of small teams, much like the cherished tales within Big Little Books, proves that impact isn't determined by size but by the strength of one's vision and the resolve to bring it to life. In a world where the adage "bigger is better" no longer holds the absolute truth it once did, the emergence of small, agile teams equipped with AI and automation is redefining the landscape of productivity and innovation.

As businesses and industries evolve, the story of the tiny team will continue to inspire and guide. It's a narrative that champions innovation, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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