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Discover how Lumikha, a digital marketing agency, helps brands stand out online through innovative strategies and cost-effective solutions.
Lumikha's founder, Harry Fozzard, (not pictured here) featured on Outsourcing Philippines
Lumikha's founder, Harry Fozzard, (not pictured here) featured on Outsourcing Philippines
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March 22, 2018 │

Henry Acosta: Welcome to the Outsourcing Philippines podcast. I'm Henry Acosta, and today we're talking with Harry Fozzard, Founder and Director of Lumikha.

Lumikha is a digital marketing agency based in Dumaguete City, Philippines. Since 2014, it has delivered innovative, cost-effective solutions to clients worldwide. Harry, thanks for joining us!

Harry Fozzard: My pleasure, Henry. At Lumikha, we're passionate about helping brands stand out. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services, from strategy to execution.

Our focus areas include content marketing, search engine optimization, web development, social media management, and video production.

We take a hands-on, boutique approach, working with our clients to achieve their goals. Lumikha comes from the Tagalog word meaning "to create," which captures our commitment to crafting high-impact digital experiences. We're all about engaging content, savvy SEO, and custom websites that deliver serious ROI.

Henry:  Wow, that sounds awesome. About Lumikha, am I saying the name correctly? It’s a very unique name.

Harry: “Lumikha,” of course, is the Tagalog and the assigned word for “to make,” so that sets the tone for us in many ways.

We’re a studio where we make things.

The studio concept is influenced by our ideas about apprenticeship and our approach to BPO work and process-related tasks, which we see as less process-oriented compared to traditional methods. We draw inspiration from medieval guilds to shape our approach to developing our people, which is beneficial considering the complexity of the processes we handle.

Henry:  You have a great name; I really like it. It sounds like you have a niche with small to midsize companies looking to grow their online presence.

Harry: Definitely, though we also work with a few larger enterprise clients. Our sweet spot is pre-funded, angel investment, and, of course, bootstrapped companies.

We have clients across the US, Singapore, Dubai, and Australia who appreciate the talent and value the Philippines offers.

Dumaguete has been an ideal base for us. As a university city, it has a strong talent pool of ambitious graduates we can train in the Lumikha methodology. Our offices are right in the heart of the city, steps from the ocean. It's a place that sparks creativity.

While we're focused on growing here, we prioritize client service, with transparent billing, continuous improvement, and a commitment to long-term partnerships. Some clients have been with us for nearly a decade.

Henry: And you are in Dumaguete? Has your location ever affected your client and employee acquisition?

Harry:  Well, I don’t know that it really affects clients per se.In terms of staffing, Dumaguete is a university city, so we have access to a lot of talented individuals who are entering the job market. We prefer hiring fresh graduates because it allows us to train them according to our methods, rather than working with experienced staff. We find that hiring individuals straight out of school creates a dynamic work environment, as they are eager to learn and contribute. This has led us to rethink our staffing approach, and we are also looking to establish a stronger presence within the university programs so that students consider us as a potential employer upon graduation.

Our goal is to attract highly qualified and ambitious individuals to work with us for a few years in Dumaguete, rather than immediately seeking opportunities in larger cities like Cebu or Manila. We want them to enjoy the unique environment here, which offers plenty of outdoor activities such as diving, hiking, biking, and snorkeling. Additionally, Dumaguete itself boasts a blend of tourism, nature, and business, thanks to the presence of Silliman University and Foundation University in St. Paul. Overall, it's a great place to live and work.

Henry:  I'm starting to visualize how the place looks. Can you provide a detailed description and talk more about your location and offices for our listeners?

Harry:  Sure! In Dumaguete, there’s a main road that runs alongside the bay. We are situated at the north end of that road, near the pier. Dumaguete doesn't have many tall buildings, so our office is located in the big building at the north end, close to the pier.

From my current location, I have a view of the ocean, and there's a boardwalk along the bay. In the morning and evening, many people come here to walk for exercise, so it's a great place for a quick run. We are right by the water, in the heart of Dumaguete, just a block away from Silliman University. Our offices are typical BPO offices, covering about 150 square meters.

Henry: Awesome. So, when prospective clients who are new to outsourcing inquire with you, what are the most common objections they usually have?

Harry:  When it comes to objections, I believe it's about being prepared to address any concerns about the program.

When I first started in the Philippines in 2000-2001, I had to explain the country to people. However, that's no longer the case, especially since we have U.S. clients. Our current growth is in Singapore, Dubai, and Australia. These locations are receptive to working with the Philippines because of the significant presence of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Singapore and Dubai and the back-and-forth work they do.

By OFWs, I'm referring to professionals such as creatives, videographers, and various businesses operating at a higher level of sophistication. In Australia, their internal economics and pay scale have led to offshoring of work, particularly for startups and entrepreneurs who need to be mindful of their spending, especially for functions like marketing and customer support."

Henry: If listeners want to explore working with Lumikha, what's the best way to connect?

Harry: Visit our website at, find us on Facebook or email me directly at We're always happy to discuss how we can help great brands achieve more online.

Henry: Fantastic. Harry, thanks for giving us a glimpse inside Lumikha today!

Harry: Thanks for having me, Henry!

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