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Disrupting Healthcare Data with Deep Data Collection

RADD, under the Founder's leadership, employed a team of voice agents tasked with cataloging all U.S. diagnostic imaging equipment.
Medical Imaging Device Lumikha Surveys | Lumikha Telesurvey
Medical Imaging Device Lumikha Surveys
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Data Survey Program Overview

In the healthcare OEM landscape, data isn't just king—it's the lifeblood of effective sales and marketing. Enter Radiology Data's founder, a leader in the realm of market intelligence with a vision to illuminate the diagnostic imaging market.

Founded in 2010 Radiology Data & Research (RADD), the company planned to compile all available medical imaging equipment in hospitals and outpatient facilities. As a start-up seeking to break into the medical equipment data market, RADD elected to outsource this effort to the Philippines.

The Client

RADD, under the Founder's leadership, employed a team of voice agents tasked with cataloging all U.S. diagnostic imaging equipment. Their mission: to navigate healthcare facilities and extract nuggets of gold—data on cutting-edge radiology equipment and the decision-makers behind them.

The Challenge

Lumikha's path was strewn with obstacles—from elusive equipment details to guarded facility managers, each interaction a delicate dance of persuasion and diplomacy.

Telesurvey Program Approach

Mastering the Art of the Data Survey

We knew we weren't just collecting data; we were building market sector intelligence. With precision and grace, our agents verified (and continue to verify) facilities, updated personnel records, and cataloged equipment, turning potential roadblocks into stepping stones.

Dialogue and Diplomacy

Recognizing the art of conversation as their most potent tool, we continually refine our approach to engage with gatekeepers, transforming skeptics into allies with transparent explanations and genuine interest.

The Work

Services rendered aren't tasks but disciplines to ensure the RADD's database isn't just updated but transformed into a beacon of reliability and insight.

Building Value Beyond Numbers

Yes, the ledger boasts over 8,000 records with ≤20 data points per record collected and reverified yearly.

But the real victory? It's in the nuance—the enhanced trust of subscribers, the empowered decisions made by manufacturers, and the client's metamorphosis from a data provider to an industry oracle.

To learn more about Radiology Data & Research check out their site.

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