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Robot on a table - Atelier Lumikha - Dumaguete


February 24, 2020

Also called online learning or distance learning, e-Learning describes a range of technology-enabled learning scenarios. In most cases, e-Learning refers to personal development, industrial, or academic education delivered online.

One way to think about eLearning is an interactive course material remotely consumed. Interactivity includes real-time interaction with an instructor or fellow learners, online quizzes and tests, and/or online exercises. Another characteristic of eLearning is its anytime/anywhere dimension wherein courses are consumed anywhere a student accesses the Internet. 

In recent years, e-Learning has become universally available through platforms like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning as well as numerous open-sourced academic resources (a list of free courses is available here

e-Learning opens exciting possibilities for global learning where Internet access is available as is disrupts learning relationships and redefines the geography for the pursuit of knowledge.

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