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Women working on a website - Atelier Lumikha - Dumaguete


February 07, 2020

A website domain is often called a domain. Usually, a domain refers to the name a website owner selects to be its user-friendly address online. In our case, our domain is “”

The domain name supplements the IP address or Internet Protocol address, which contains a string of four or six numbers (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX). The IP address gives each device attached to the Internet a unique designation for routing requests. Because numeric sprigs are hard to remember, domain names offer a simple system for routing traffic to a desired destination on the Internet.

Domain names offer opportunities to extend or build an online brand using a company, organization, or individual name and or description of their associated activities. In contrast to a brand name like “,” we might use a domain like “” to attract people searching the Internet for those services.

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