Data Wizard: Hiring Database Administrator

April 27, 2016

Can you manipulate a thousand rows of data with one swish and flick from a wand? If so, you’re the one we need!

This position will support lead management for a variety of marketing activities using MySQL. The successful candidate will maintain our B2B lead database by identifying and solving database requirements for managing, analyzing, purging, recycling and utilizing our calling data.


  • Have knowledge about Database Performance Tuning, Security, Management, Data Maintenance, Operating Systems
  • Promote process improvement
  • Have problem solving skills
  • Know how to presenting technical information
  • Focus on quality
  • Have the ability to work in a deadline driven environment
  • Have good English skills
  • Are a Self-starter and self-directed
  • Have a curious mind

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Reporting on data file results
  • Regular data hygiene
  • Organize records to merge, purge and inventory the data we have on hand
  • Identify the callable data in segments according to business type, size, location etc
  • Analyze historical results to develop best practices for calling data to maximize decision maker contacts among high likelihood borrowers
  • Maintains database performance by calculating optimum values for database parameters; implementing new releases; completing maintenance requirements; evaluating computer operating systems and hardware products
  • Supports database functions by designing and coding utilities
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