Atelier Lumikha Project - Map Pop - Local Search Solution

In-house Product Design and Campaign Management

About Map Pop

Map Pop is a service directed at U.S. small businesses to support local online marketing with a simple website optimized for mobile devices. We also create business social sites, check for name/address/phone (NAP) match, and optimize online map listings to ensure prospective customers can locate our clients on popular search engines.

The Challenge

Originally conceived as a joint venture, Atelier Lumikha provided product design and development expertise, and its partner supplied capital to fund the early sales operations.

The funding partner needed a replacement for LEC billed products, and Lumikha embraced the program to hone its expertise in fully integrated service delivery through product creation, design, sales management, customer support, and subscription billing propecia pills 1 mg.

The Solution

Product Design

  1. As a blue-sky exercise, Map Pop proved interesting because we had to create a service with enough substance to convert sales yet establish a streamlined provisioning profile. Website and social site provisioning happen before the customer’s first payment because the service uses a thirty-day, free trial to build brand rapport.
  2. Much of the design work focused on the customer service experience and approach to retention. Local optimization, like SEO work in general, is abstract in nature and does not yield immediate results. Therefore we had to develop an integrated communication approach to both educate our customers and to establish trust with the customer-facing aspects of the company while the provisioning team did its work.

Customer Support

  1. The customer care duties are challenging on any program. There is a balance between customer accommodation and the business reality that an effectively managed customer service team routinely negotiates.
  2. Each agent must command an impressive amount of internet marketing knowledge, handle billing questions, take control of calls when a subscriber is reluctant to give the service a chance to work its magic, and manage requests for content updates.
  3. Lumikha hires quality people with the aptitude to enthusiastically deliver complex information in simple, clear language. We arm agents with decision process matrices and background information to give them the tools they need to deal with their customer support tasks.

Center Management

  1. Using our fully integrated performance management platform for distributed operations, we work with call centers in the Philippines to optimize them. With detailed reporting, we can drill down on strategic and tactical opportunities for consistent, generative collaboration. From our perspective, it is paramount that our centers are profitable, stable organizations invested for the long-haul.
  2. Lumikha organized our program launch around a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures derived from Lumikha’s in-house operating protocols. These were documented into online learning and made available to the call centers selling and supporting the service.

The Result

Map Pop has been operating for the past four years grossing over $30,000/month. Our partner centers produce at a 1-2.0 SPD clip and receive weekly commissions like clockwork. We engage with our call center and internal staff quarterly for extensive program reviews, and we have extensively overhauled the service twice.

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