BPO Project - Marketing Attack for Dive Resort

List Building & Content Marketing for Dive Resort

About Scandi Divers

Scandi Divers is one of several properties majority owned by an American with business interests in the Philippines, China, and the United States. The resorts sit in a popular dive destination on the north end of Mindoro, an island roughly three hours south of Manila. The resorts work in concert to accommodate travelers, catering to scuba divers in particular.

The Scandi Divers group offers a low-key, warm ambiance that, when combined with the tropical atmosphere, make for a relaxing place to dive, watch fantastic sunsets, snorkel, and relax.

The Challenge

After a chance meeting at the Malasimbo Music Festival, Scandi’s owner approached Atelier Lumikha to develop a link building campaign.

Following research and interviews to understand the customer’s underlying objectives, we concluded that web traffic was simply a means to attract a more diversified traveler profile to the resorts. Further, direct engagement with previous guests and demographically desirable prospects would circumvent costly traveler referral networks like Booking.com, Agoda, or TripAdvisor.

The Solution

The List

  1. Based on Scandi’s objectives, we decided to consolidate previous guest information with new data from Lumikha’s house list of expatriates in South East Asia.
  2. We also grew and refined the list paying attention to markers such as scuba diving group participation on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as TripAdvisor reviews.

 The Content

  1. Lumikha created an editorial calendar of weekly posts and developed a set of guidelines for post-able blog and social media content including diver certification photos, underwater imagery, and event announcements.

The Campaign

  1. By sending periodic emails to prospects and previous guests, Lumikha ensured that Scandi’s chief attraction — reasonably priced vacations in a world-class dive location — were constantly top-of-mind.
  2. Image sitting in an office or cubicle and receiving a reminder of your dive vacation or a short glimpse of tropical paradise. The campaign emails were calculated to drive people to the site and relive their Scandi visit or meditate on the superlative diving in Mindoro.

The Result

The campaign served to kickstart marketing mindfulness within the Scandi organization, and they began preserving their valuable data assets in the form of prior visitor information.

Combined with the staff’s general attitude of hospitality and warmth, Scandi grew its operation through acquisition as its room occupancy continues to grow.

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