Student Loan Product Development

Product Design and Multi-center Campaign Management

About Student Loan Clinic

Student Loan Clinic (SLC) is a service that helps people work through their options for federal student loan repayment. SLC is purpose-built for telemarketing using offshore call centers and back-office operations. A group of offshore BPO vendors handles these activities.

The Challenge

The brainchild of a highly experienced telemarketing entrepreneur, he contacted Atelier Lumikha to assist in the product design, marketing presentation, and to develop an end-to-end performance management system.

Selecting Lumikha for an assignment of this scope was a no-brainer since we have a rare combination of expertise in marketing, application development, and offshore outsourcing.

The Solution

Product Design

  1. With an entirely service-based solution that relies on proprietary processes to support publicly available access to loan extension and mitigation documents, it was important to develop mutually reinforcing brands to present the various aspects of the operations matrix: sales, document processing, plus billing and support.
  2. To develop these three entities, we collaborated on the marketing design and the operational approach thinking extensively about how to integrate performance monitoring across call centers in disparate locations.
  3. Everything from logo designs to the center SOPs aligned with client objectives for detailed reporting of on-the-ground activity. Tight alignment and transparent communication were the foundations for consistent iterative performance improvement.

The Platform

  1. The system, dubbed Viridian, delivers live performance data for shift management and tracks individual performance downstream through agent and center sales execution, integrated quality assessment, and retention.
  2. The tool gives centers insight into actionable performance data, which they feed to their operations teams. Lumikha identifies strategic and tactical areas for improvement and supports the centers with daily calls to disseminate crucial information and collect feedback.

The Call Center SOP

  1. With a platform for consolidated operations complete, Lumikha worked on call center recruiting and orientation to launch the company’s sales efforts in several centers located in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.
  2. Lumikha organized program launch around a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures derived from Lumikha’s in-house operating protocols. These were documented into online learning and made available to the call centers selling and supporting the service.

The Result

Ultimately, the Student Loan Clinic was absorbed into a debt consolidation organization and its services discontinued. The platform and SOP remain essential tools in Lumikha’s multi-center management activities.

Case Study – Scaling Solutions for a Niched Tech Provider

Billing Support & Online Marketing Overhaul for Scale

The Client: KeepYourIP

KeepYourIP (KYIP) provides redundant, secure IP addresses for the alarm & security industry. This service addresses the security industry’s requirements for 100% availability and full redundancy.

Because alarm systems use a dedicated IP address to communicate with central monitoring facilities, they must remain active to be effective. To maintain uninterrupted service, KYIP offers a dual IP scheme where each address is hosted in two geographically disparate hosting facilities. If a facility should fail due to unexpected outage from a natural disaster or equipment failure, the alternate facility will handle the IP traffic until the primary facility is restored.

The Challenge

KYIP knew it had a great product and first-mover status. No one in the security industry had developed a comparable technology to solve the redundancy requirement that alarm installations demand. Interestingly the principals also amassed a significant inventory of IPv4 addresses as well as IPv6 addresses to accommodate alarm hardware that predates the IPv6 standard. In essence, KYIP was an innovative product that was also backwards compatible with the prevailing equipment sold and deployed by security companies.

With KYIP’s increasing momentum, they had three challenges to address to scale their business:

  1. The company’s marketing site was dated; needing a complete overhaul to present KYIP in a manner commensurate with their aspirations for additional growth.
  2. The client portal, designed for self-service for additional IP requests, billing updates, and general MAD’s needed an upgrade to reflect the changes in service delivery and to intelligently manage the IP inventory.
  3. Most importantly, the billing management had been neglected in the face of inadequate back-end infrastructure for KYIP’s growth leaving a growing revenue gap.

To develop a broad, integrated set of business solutions, they went offshore to Atelier Lumikha. Here’s what we did.

Atelier Lumikha’s Solution


  • Lumikha’s team developed a new website built in WordPress for an easy transition back to their team designed to reflect KYIP’s status as the secure IP services thought leader for the alarm/security industry.
  • Because KYIP markets to the security industry primarily through event participation and thought leadership in its niche, the revamped site would focus on industry affiliations and white papers that explain the technology behind the service.

Self-service Portal Solution

  • In tandem with the front-end development for KYIP’s website, we created a portal for KYIP’s customers to log-in based on their customer type (end-user or reseller) and manage their account.
  • Functionality included new IP requests and automated provisioning, account updates, billing information updates, and support requests propecia pills buy online.

Billing Process & Platform

  • Lumikha updated KYIP’s billing process to systematize their approach to discounts, rebates, and credits.
  • With rationalized pricing and discounting, Lumikha integrated KYIP’s site with Chargify to fully automate the billing process.

Results Achieved

  • With their online marketing and sales as well as billing process improved and automated, the KYIP team devoted substantially more time to the key activities of event marketing and one-to-one selling.
  • Because KYIP is owned and operated by a lean team of three focusing on technology, sales, and operations; outsourcing the conceptualization and development of operational challenges were central to their ability to concentrate on scaling their business.
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