How May We be of Virtual Assistance

Do More and Do It Better

Imagine if you could take advantage of agency quality marketing services, contact center customer service expertise, and development shop application development. Virtual assistants are a great way to avoid the distracting stuff while you engage with the high-level work. They give you more time for the important things. Meanwhile, you don’t drop the ball on customer inquiries, routine administrative tasks, or data hygiene.

Atelier Lumikha handles a range of tasks from virtual receptionist to data research to web design to transcription. Any process that can be mapped, can be transitioned to a remote virtual assistant.

Process Management for Diverse Task Requirements

When you outsource your personal back-office to Atelier Lumikha, you benefit from a staff to handle complex tasks like web forms, drip email campaigns, or daily social posting. We use a desk system where your virtual personal assistant handles daily communications with you and your clients while escalating specialized tasks to team specialists.

This approach means we offer better service and more efficient operations to complete the chores you delegate offshore. Specialization offers better quality than the standard one-to-one virtual assistant model. Chances are, you won’t need to develop a new website often, but you will need to maintain your contacts and manage an email campaign regularly.  

The Virtual Task Factory

Beyond segregating our teams into general and specific activities to align our work for quality output, we design and manage each process working from Andy Grove’s breakfast factory metaphor. In this way, we continually improve our operations for efficiency. We stand behind our work output and rigorously iterate for constant improvement.

Virtual Receptionist — Entrepreneurs are a busy group: traveling, working, selling. Answering the phone can be a time-consuming distraction. Cover the phone with smart, articulate people who will identify opportunities, transfer important calls, and offer level-one assistance to your customers.

Email & Chat Support — Atelier Lumikha mans your online presence with email and chat support for your customers and prospects. Many online businesses need fast, competent support for customers that prefer email or chat. Our proprietary customer support platform supports both enterprise chat and email.

Customer Relationship Management — We work with several platforms and we have a proprietary platform we developed over ten years in the support business. Consolidate lead, prospect, and customer data; manage outbound communications; or track relevant data points for your own dashboard.

Data Collection & Management — Sometimes you need to continually build you database (often housed in a CRM). Atelier Lumikha works with you to develop a lead mining protocol around selection sources and parameters for collection, verification, and subsequent marketing.

Online Research — Hacking through the massive deluge of information on the web can be a huge chore. Sending research projects to your assistant can free up valuable time to actually process and interpret the information collected. Lumikha collects, organizes or summarizes research content for any assignment.

Billing Management — We are experts at managing recurring subscription billing by credit card or Paypal. With experience supporting clients using, Stripe, and Chargify, we can help you manage your subscription customers efficiently and profitably. 

Social Media Posting — Online brand building happens when you post to social networks consistently. When you broadcast unique content and reposting relevant content, you promote your message. A virtual personal assistant can monitor feeds and alerts for suitable content, monitor Google Analytics to identify popular content to reposting, and repackage graphics to maximize their impact on media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Online Presence Management — Have Atelier Lumikha design, build, host and manage your site. We can integrate with back-end APIs; build you a WordPress site if you prefer to do your own updates; or create a custom, search optimized site for your business or organization.

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