Local Learning – Global Best Practices

Organizational and program instruction is the foundation of effective offshoring. Studies show that localized learning is more effective than generic, non-customized learning. Training for Americans isn’t necessarily appropriate for most offshore destinations and may result in confusion as agent learn about your program. Weaving cultural considerations around beast practices produces an optimal learning environment, and agents hit the phone better prepared, perform better, and reach their KPIs faster.

Make Learning Good

Our philosophy on learning is that it occurs when people are interested, engaged, compelled and informed. Lumikha learning emphasizes clear and concise instruction that communicates the full range and nuance of the relevant content. When we develop learning the material, we infuse it with best practices and return to them repeatedly to help agents cultivate professional habits as they learn. Our approach consumes more time than the standard presentation, but the results justify the time investment.

Interactive Learning for BPOs

Atelier Lumikha has created, customized, and localized complete BPO and call center curricula for local vocational schools and organizations moving operations offshore. Our preferred medium is online training or elearning. We believe understanding happens through collaboration, hands-on activity, and controlled experimentation. Our material starts the agent on a path to mastery through easily accessed, memorable lessons updated as program requirements unfold.

Teams perform better as a result of the learning and ongoing access to learning material. We recently deployed an online learning platform for the BPO industry at LearnGo.ph — our way of supporting our colleagues in the BPO space while giving us a larger stage for our courseware. A broad audience gives us the data we need to effect iterative improvement.

Users access the system from their office location and take their desired course online. For casual users, we track follow-up surveys that assess the learning immediately after course completion and again one and two weeks after course completion. For employees or centers we manage for our clients, learner performance is tracked using performance tools and reconciled against learning performance and survey results.

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