Data Services

Data Management for Modern Times

Atelier Lumikha warehouses four data sets: American businesses with an outsourcing profile; American small, single location businesses; S.E. Asian expatriates; and offshore contact centers and BPO’s. In each case, we maintain our own data to maximize certain business operations. Because these data sets are quite large and require precise management to maintain their histories, we are highly competent data managers.

We summarize our data insight with this: data’s value increases exponentially as it’s accuracy improves.

Sales organizations and businesses that collect and organize information have particular demands for accurate data. Atelier Lumikha offers data cleansing and data scrubbing services with particular focus on managing large data sets that are frequently updated. We can also provide extensive list updates by combining voice, data mining and programming to create accurate, consistent lists.

We perform cleansing on a single list or set of records or, as is often the case, between multiple sets of data which need to be merged, or which will work together. Our process includes a review of individual records to confirm accuracy and consistency. If necessary, they are corrected, updated, or removed. Lumikha’s data team verifies each record for accuracy. Typos and spelling errors are corrected, mislabeled data is properly labeled and filed, and we complete incomplete or missing entries. Our operations purge out-of-date or unrecoverable records.

Data Processing Guidelines

Atelier Lumikha’s data guidelines include the following:

  • Accuracy: integrity, consistency, and density
  • Integrity: completeness and validity
  • Completeness: lack anomalies or gaps
  • Consistency: lack of contradictions and syntactical anomalies
  • Uniformity: lack of irregularities
  • Density: completeness of values in the data
  • Uniqueness: lack of duplication
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