Chat & Email Support

Be Nimble & Make Happy Customers

Businesses that provide chat & email support to their customers should know that metrics matter. In our experience, we see a direct correlation with response promptness and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the key marker for sustained repeat business. Fast, intelligent online response distinguishes your organization from the competition and demonstrates to customers how much you value their business.

When Atelier Lumikha assumes responsibility for support, we endeavor to provide exceptional customer experience We rigorously document what your customers want and need from your company. Outsourcing to Lumikha makes sense for several reasons:

  • Low-turnover = Better Customer Service

    Our employee retention is the best in the industry. We train our team extensively, offer significant time off and invest heavily in team development. Low attrition means your support team is highly experienced, more confident and better equipped to handle customer needs.

  • Clear and Crisp Documentation is the Foundation for Excellence

    We relentlessly document programs as a routine part of a deployment. Customers often find that our documentation and training is on par with or exceed their internal program orientation.

  • Rising Expectations for Email & Chat

    Online businesses, in particular, need to keep pace with increasingly stringent customer requirements for 24×7, prompt, single-resolution support.

Our implementations often include email automation and knowledge base set-up using services like Mailchimp, Postmark, and Groove. We typically integrate these with Lumikha’s custom CRM, Little Dipper, to automate insofar as possible support tasks. This approach controls staffing costs and gives our clients an excellent support platform for shared activity like escalations for technical requests or after business hours support.

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