Tools We Use for Service Delivery

Tools We Use to Make Great Things

Our delivery model is built around off-the-shelf, cloud-based technology that is fast to deploy. Our technology choices focus on nimble service delivery and robust reporting. These are the tools we use to get the job done: building websites, writing content, online marketing, answering phones, gathering and organizing data, project reporting, and internal management.

In addition to off-the-shelf technology, we build custom tools for our operations: lead management, quality management, operations reporting, and customer interaction. By combining the APIs for tools like Chargify and TalkDesk into custom tools we build for customer service, outbound dialing, and helpdesk; we make our agents more efficient and infuse our programs with constant key performance indicator inspection.


Basic infrastructure is the bedrock upon which we deliver our services. Our telecommunications and internet are provided by two redundant providers Globe and PLDT. A Dumaguete headquartered (we like to buy local) last-mile fiber provider, BT Infocommuncations, supplies our Globe connection. We also have redundant power back-up via diesel generator.


Joyent is our hosting platform supporting roughly 900 websites and several custom applications. Joyent is a “high-performance cloud infrastructure company”purpose-built for web and mobile applications. Joyent’s hosting service competes with Amazon’s EC2 cloud and offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) for large enterprises.

Content: Script & Copywriting, Process Design


Someone (maybe Tim Ferriss) described Evernote as his external brain. We concur. Evernote is a pair of deceptively simple ideas – save things like pictures, links, or articles to Evernote in “notes” combined with the ability to create notes and organize them by collecting them into notebooks or tagging them or both.


OmniGraffle is a utility communication tool for everything from process mapping to project specification. Download stencils, groups of related graphics, from the Omnigraffle site or Graffletopia and create wireframes, flow charts, org charts, process maps, site maps, etc.


Moleskine notebooks are a common sight in Lumikha team backpacks. These legendary notebooks were good enough for Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway, they are good enough for us. As Moleskine’s propaganda has it: “Indispensable companions to the creative professions and the imagination of our times: they are intimately tied to the digital world.”

Style Guide (Economist Books)

A handy writer’s reference, we use this daily for advice on style, common errors and clichés, and punctuation. We order them from the states and put them on every content writer’s desk.

Adobe Design Suite

Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign triumvirate is the basic design suite you will find in most shops. For good reason, they work and play well together, and nothing has arrived to challenge InDesign for page layout. After using these apps for a couple of decades, you get accustomed to their idiosyncrasies and workflow.

Affinity Designer & Photo

A new wind is blowing in the app world: fast, light, clean apps that do exactly what you need them to do for a specific task. Affinity’s products exemplify this trend. Once they get a page layout app shipped, I suspect we’ll be 100% Affinity.


Sometimes an online campaign needs some offline love. That’s when we use Moo to print spanking crisp greeting and post cards. We use them for our business cards too. They are a little more than the competition, but their quality and customer service are nothing short of kick-ass.

Web Development


Lumikha speaks WordPress, the content management system (CMS), which powers over 20% of the web. We like working with WordPress since it allows us to concept, design, build and deploy full-featured, engaging web and mobiles sites rapidly.


Bootstrap, created by Twitter’s Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton for front-end, user interface work. It’s a framework built for fast and easy web development. Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS-based libraries for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components.


Coda is a Macintosh web development application. As Coda says, “Coda is everything you need to hand-code a website, in one beautiful app.” We like hand-coding here at Lumikha, fits neatly into our craftsman-like approach to Life, the World, and Everything.

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