Reinventing BPO: Crackerjack Team Executing Smart Process

Once Upon A Time, A Company Reinvented Offshore Service Delivery

Lumikha’s story is offshore service delivery that departs from the standard template. That’s because we have a complete understanding of Philippines BPO delivery. We’ve evolved our model since the second wave of BPO expansion in the early 2000’s when the industry exploded from 20,000 seats to over 400,000.

Offshore services leverage people to execute processes in places where the cost of service delivery is less than in G8 nations. The common, if clinical, term for this is “labor arbitrage.”

Generally, moving work offshore for labor arbitrage demands the resources to police vendors, localize learning materials and manage metrics — all the while bridging the cultural divide. Alternately, businesses without those resources offshore knowing that they are compromising quality for reduced cost.

Extensive rework, repeated meetings, cultural disconnection, and dated technology all define the offshore experience at small scale. Certainly, there are exceptions and surprises. Generally, however, the breakdown is with management that doesn’t invest the time to educate their employees or develop well-documented processes.

The Two Things That Matter

Two factors mean our marketing back-office and customer-facing support operations are uniquely suited to modern offshoring: People and Process.

Better People

Smart, curious, industrious people join Atelier Lumikha to learn their trade our way: clear, western-style communication; timely response; effective and efficient delivery. We look for really great, raw talent and steep them in best practices, thorough contextual information, and efficient processes.

This approach gathers smart, talented cross-disciplinary people focused on process design, project management, operations management, graphic design, copywriting and application development. And they stay: we offer generous leaves, a 32-hour work week, and pay that exceeds our competitors.

Efficient, Documented Process

Because we work on a transaction model where our customers pay us for results rather than full-time employees (FTE) or hourly rate compensation structures; we develop very detailed understandings of the programs we work. We manage back-office processes by starting with full-on program deconstruction of all steps to arrive at radically faster and lower defect delivery models — thereby using fewer resources.

Lumikha Highlights

  • 2004 – Developed BPO brand strategy to re-contextualize recruiting marketing as lifestyle choice radically raising the stakes in the war for talent.
  • 2006 – Deploy global industrial supply service delivery center
  • 2007 – Launch customer service operations for telco client
  • 2008 – Aquire distressed 600 seat facility, fire all clients, revamp operations (sold in 2010)
  • 2010 – Launch and manage global BPO operations for client sales and support team in India, Nicaragua, Philippines
  • 2011 – Deploy medical services back-office operations Manila. Deploy and manage sales organization back-office and sales centers.
  • 2012 – Create SMB marketing product and deploy sales organization back-office and sales centers.
  • 2013 – Move operations from Makati, Manila to Dumaguete City, Negros oriental
  • 2014 – Expand marketing operations to support across U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia.
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