Start With Great People

Our formula for success starts with great people. We hire for quality and invest in professional development to foster a high-performance culture. A big part of what makes Atelier Lumikha unique is our ability to attract and retain talent.

When we hire, we hire for the long-haul and treat every member of the team as an integral part of our delivery solution. Our people are empowered, self-directed, and highly effective. We approach staffing as a strategic activity. Therefore, our people are better.

Keep Attrition Low

Attrition is the bane of operational success. With forward-thinking HR policies like a thirty-two hour week, ample time for personal development, internal promotions, online learning for professional and personal growth; Atelier Lumikha focuses on the kind of work environment that people embrace.

We respect and genuinely care for our team, our stakeholders, and our community. Lumikha provides competitive compensation, a quality work environment, and responsible leadership. We provide these because, as a pioneer in the industry, we know people make the difference.

Invest in the Team

Excellent performers remain at Atelier Lumikha, so we have the resources to execute quickly with and precisely. Because our employees invest in Atelier Lumikha, we can invest in them. We allocate extensive time for collaboration to effect incremental improvement. Our online learning platform is the envy of the industry with a comprehensive curriculum for professional and personal development.

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