Great Offshore Back Office (BPO) & Contact Center

We Give Great Outsourcing

We encoded our vision for well-conceived and executed back-office programs into our name, Atelier Lumikha. Literally from the French word for “workshop” or “studio” and the Tagalog word for “make,” Atelier Lumikha describes many of the things we hold dear:

  • apprenticeship model to develop people
  • commitment to the craft of efficient process
  • Filipino character imbued with Western business practices

Lumikha: World-class BPO Execution

Unlike our competitors, we organize our Team to include people with diverse backgrounds: marketing, advertising, customer support, application design and development, and fine arts. We seek out diverse people who labor for excellence and meet our criteria for initiative, intellect, and work ethic. Every Lumikhan thrives on performance with an eye on conquering business process challenges. We constantly strive to develop better processes and deliver better performance to create value for our customers.

Build for Value

Atelier Lumikha is a Philippines-based business services provider focused on sophisticated back-office solutions. We serve the global business-to-business (B2B) market with managed processes and proprietary technology designed to make our operations efficient.

  • Plan and manage mutli-vendor programs in offshore destinations, particularly the Philippines
  • Provide voice support with outsourced helpdesk, customer support, and outbound surveys
  • Conduct broad data-cleansing using telephone surveys, data inspection, and manual updates in conjunction with programmatic solutions
  • Create and execute comprehensive communications strategies across voice, web, email, and social media

Our work is innovative and costs effective to provide thoughtful solutions for a dynamic, connected marketplace for organizations that appreciate consistent, reliable, and on-budget delivery. Here are some of the ways we consistently deliver:

  • Hire great people
  • Strategize program deployment
  • Deploy with discipline and excellence
  • Promote meaningful outcomes through efficiency and creativity
  • Eliminate what doesn’t meet our standards
  • Continually learn for operational and self-improvement
  • Incorporate feedback to improve our efforts
  • Use light, highly deployable cloud-based technology
  • Foster collaborative relationships with our customers
  • Sincerely engage with our clients’ customers
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